We Are Detroit

This city embodied the Modern Age of Steel and Speed. 10W-30 pumps through its veins. Even the sewer spit exhaust. We love this town, and we are proud to be one of the many engines that will make it run again.

We are Dynamic

Innovation starts with inspiration. That's why we are rennaissance men. Our specialties don't stop with marketing. We are adventurers, engineers, analysts, architects, sculptors, designers, philosophers, authors, musicians, explorers and inventors.

We are Digital

Welcome to the next generation. It is time to recognize the web as an environment; an overlapping new reality. Fast cars and well-aged bourbon withstanding, almost everything can be enhanced with digital components. We have seen the light, and you will too.


Jason Naumann

Creative Director & Principal

Jason loves shiny things with moving parts. He holds BFAs in Graphic Design, Photography and Sculpture. For five years, he worked as a designer with one of the top ad agencies in Chicago’s West Loop before returning to the Motor City in 2011. He has since moved to the Silicon Forest of the Pacific Northwest.


3D Marketing Solutions

Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay St., Bldg. 1, 4th Floor, 5SW
Detroit, MI 48211